Eco-Schools EnergySustainable Transport is one of the nine topics set out by Eco schools, but also one of the hardest in which to change people’s behaviour in travelling to and from schools. An average person will spend 25% of their wages on running a car not to mention the damage to the environment the emissions cause. On average, one in seven children suffers from asthma; this figure increases to one in three in inner city areas. In slow moving traffic, pollution levels are higher inside cars than outside. Cycling or walking briskly for half an hour a day can halve the risk of heart disease. At Surrey County Council the Community Engagement Team provides support on a number of initiatives to help schools encourage parents to travel other than in their car

School Travel Plan (STP)

A good place to start is to create a schools travel plan. Working with the community engagement teamyour school can help pupils find alternate means to getting to school. A STP can cover walking, scooting and cycling. A good STP is reviewed annually, with a hands-up survey of how young people and staff travel to school, and re-written every 3 years.

Getting going with Transport

Some useful project ideas -

  • Golden Boot Challenge – sustainable travel month
  • Wheelie Wednesdays – an incentive is given to children who travel to school by scooter or bike
  • Bike Clubs
  • Free School Breakfasts - for those travelling to school by bike
  • Walking Bus - mainly used for Primary school aged children
  • Road Safety Week (November)
  • International walk to school week (October)
  • Mufti Day – a reward for travelling to school sustainably
  • Park and Stride- from a local car park
  • Cycle Trains
  • Personalised Travel Planning for staff
  • Bikeability for Years 2,5 and 6 as well as Family Cycle Training
  • Pedestrian Training Resources
  • Run an internal awareness campaign on the importance of sustainable travel.

Any one of these initiatives will help reduce the number of vehicle journeys to and from your school and enable you to encourage and promote sustainable travel.

Other activities and case studies from Eco-Schools can be found on both the Eco-Schools website and the Pod website. Don’t forget you can contact your local Green Flag Ambassador school for advice too.

For a range of lessons to help combine litter topic with the curriculum visit the Eco-Schools website

Support is available from Council Officers and other organisations, Contact


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