Composting at School

Composting at school is a fun way to learn about nature while also reducing the amount of organic waste that needs to be collected from your school. An added bonus is that pupils can actually get to see the end result of their efforts – finished compost being used to improve their school grounds.

If you're not already composting, getting started is easy. All you need is a compost bin or a couple, if you have the space, and some collection caddies around the school. To help, you can follow Compo’s easy guide to creating your own supply of natural food for your school’s garden. If your school is already composting, take a look at the guide to see if there is anything else you could compost eg shredded paper.

Step by step compost guide

There are some posters, activity sheets and colouring sheets that may help out too.

Colour compost poster

Compost activity sheet

Colouring Sheet

Things to consider when starting, or as a review:

  • How many compost bins do you need?
  • Where would you put the bins? (See Compo’s guide for location advice).
  • Would you like to decorate the compost bins first?
  • How would you collect the compostable material? You could use caddies for fruit waste, consider where to put them and how many you would need.
  • The Eco-Team could be involved in emptying the caddies, adding other material and looking for problems. You may need to set a rota for this.
  • What brown waste (like shredded paper) would you use to balance the green waste (eg fruit)?
  • What would you use the compost for?
  • Investigate where you can find curriculum links.
  • Do you need a waste exemption for the activity you are looking into?

For more information

Please see the Surrey Waste Partnership website for more composting information, including troubleshooting FAQs.


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